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   We wanted to give hope and bring more smiles by providing children the experience of enjoying music. We collect used instruments, and give them to children. Rie Yamaguchi, a professional trumpet player, travels abroad to teach them music and the fun it can bring.

With the trumpet, I have learned many things. It brought me happiness and gave me a sense of meaining in life. I’m grateful of being alive and of all those people that have helped me, and I have always thought about how I can help and give back. I’ve decide to start a project where I collect used instruments, and give them to children in developing countries. I decided I will bring the instruments directly to them and also teach them how to play them.

In Japan, as long as you have money, you can buy anything you want. However, I believe real happiness is not inside physical things, but rather inside ourselves. The result of pondering what I can do is that even if I don’t understand the language, I wanted to share the fun of music with children.

My activities is not just about donating instruments, but also personally going to the developing countries, and let children learn the joy of music. And with this, I hope to bring energy to developing countries to help them grow economically and technologically, and help stimulate independence among individuals. I would be very much happy if you shared this belief.

Just imagine children in other countries holding an instrument, and happily playing them. Let’s help the children grow through music.

Tokyo, Japan
Rie Yamaguchi
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