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 Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011.

 We pray from our heart that recovery happens as soon as possible.

March,2011 Instrument for Children Chief director Rie Yamaguchi
About Instrument for Children
I work in support of the children of the world, to hear music and to enjoy playing instruments. In sharing such experience, I want the children to build more imagination and creativity to make it as bread to their fulfilled living. As mothers, working as artists, understand families with children and their need to mentally and physically refresh from their daily lives, we want to provide rich musical experience for them. This also provides and supports work for mothers who wants to take part in their society, while raising their family. In addition, we use instruments collected from schools in consideration to ecological future of ourchildren, and provide them along with musical education to schools in developing countries and in Japan. We aim to equalize the educational level amongst these countries, improve the educational awareness for the children of the world, and to improve the QOL.
  • 2011-1-26
    NPO Instrument for Children to hold its first music event!

    As announced at the 7th CMO Japan Party, NPO Instrument for Children (I4C) has gained government approval as a certified non-profit organization in Japan.

    I4C collects secondhand instruments and donates them to orphanages in developing countries such as Cambodia. I4C also sends music instructors abroad to teach music and to perform activities that contribute to world peace through joy and fun of music.

    Our first charity music event is on March 3.
  • 2011-3-3
    First Charity Music Concert
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